Get your Python source back! Personal Service Order

How it works

  • This "Personal Order" is meant for personal, non-commercial usage. If we have a strong evidence for commercial usage, we may deny decompyling your files.
  • After you uploaded the files, you'll get some basic information about them and the cost information.
  • Decompylation costs 10 EUR per 5 KB (5120 bytes) or part thereof for each file. For customers in Germany, this includes german Mehrwertsteuer.
    Example: Decompliation of two file with 9345 Bytes and 4532 Bytes respectivly will cost 30 EUR (20 EUR for the larger on and 10 EUR for the smaller one).
  • Payment is accepted via PayPal (this includes  Visa  Mastercard  Discover  American Express and  eCheck) and bank wire transfer (within the European Community). For your convenience the information page will directly allow for paying via your PayPal account.
    You'll get no seperate bill, thus keep the payment history of your bank account or PayPal account. If you need a bill, you may use the corporate Service Order.
  • The files will be send to your server and stored there until we received your payment, but for a maximum of 30 days. If for any reason your payment needs longer to reach us, please contact us so we can extend this hold period.
  • Sources will be send to the e-mail address you provide. Be sure to enter the correct e-mail address, otherwise you will not receive the sources. For your security, both the files you've send in and the sources we generated will be kept for another 60 days after we've mailed you the sources. You you want them to be deleted earlier, just drop us a note. You will find details in the mail which delivers the sources.
  • We strongly recommend to keep your copy of the files you've uploaded until you are sure the received sources are okay.

Terms of usage

  • You may send up to five files to be decompyled within 30 days. If you send in more files within this period, we may -- on our choice -- defere or reject processing of supernumerous files.
    If we decide to reject processing, supernumerous files will be discarded. Any payment for these files will be retained.
  • To avoid denial-of-service, the maximum file size accepted has been limited to 200,000 bytes (about 200 KB). This should enough of normal usage, since Python byte-code files are most about 10--20 KB and rarely (0.1%) over 100 KB. If you have a file bigger than this limit, please contact us and we will find a solution.
  • Goebel Consult is not responsible for loss of data, sending to another email-address, etc.
  • If there is strong evidence of copyright infringement or other illegal usage of our service, or the software looks like some hacking-, cracking- or spamming- tool, we may deny processing your request. In this case you will not get back your files nor your money.

© Copyright 2004 · Hartmut Goebel, 13/04/04