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If you find one of your tools usefull, we ask you to support our work. The money you donate will be used to fund further development of your tools and development of new tools.

Below please find different ways to transfer your donation to us. Choose the one you prefere or contact us for other possibilities.

European/German Users

You may prefer to use direct bank-to-bank transfer, since this may be cheeper than other ways. Please contact us for IBAN and BIC (which are not published here due to privacy).

If you need an invoice, just drop us a note, your postal adress, and the amount you want to donate, thus we'll mail the invoice directly to you (only obtainable if transfering 100 EUR or more).

International Users

You can donate via Paypal by clicking on this button:
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Please contact us if you need an invoice (only obtainable if transfering 100 EUR or more).

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