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A collection of tools for manipulating PDF documents, by Hartmut Goebel

The pdftools collection currently includes the following tools:

  • pdfposter: Scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages.

    I developed pdfposter in 2008 and am still maintaining it.

    pdfposter can be used to create a large poster by building it from multiple pages or printing it on large media. It expects as input a PDF file, normally printing on a single page. The output is again a PDF file, maybe containing multiple pages together building the poster. The input page will be scaled to obtain the desired size.

    To get an impression, please visit the example section in the manual.

  • Flyer Composer: Rearrange PDF pages to print as flyers on one paper

  • pdfjoin: Join several PDF documents into a single one.

    pdfjoin is a command line tool, a droplet and a Python library to join several PDF documents into a single one. It will join all files passed as argument into a new file. As a special feature it can operate as a “droplet”.

  • pdfbook: Rearrange pages from a PDF file for printing books or booklets, creating a new PFD file.

  • python-ghostscript: Ghostscript, is a well known interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF. This package implements a interface to the Ghostscript C-API using ctypes. Both a low-level and a pythonic, high-level interface are provided.