Major Contributions

Being an Open Source developer for 25 years now, I’ve contributed to many projects. Here are some of them

I did make major contributions to the following projects:

  • For guix, GNU’s advanced distro and transactional package manager, I’m contibuting a lot of package definitions (aka build instructions) and added some enhancements to teh build daemon. Esp. I’m working on getting the KDE Plasma Desktop running and tried hard to bootstrap maven from source (which is a nightmare).

  • freeplane is a great mind-mapping tools. I vastly improved the exporter for Open Document Text format (odt), used by e.g. LibreOffice and the HTML exporters.

  • I tooks over the some-kind-of-maintainence of Coherence DLNA/UPnP Server & Framework after the project has been unmaintained for three years. I converted the (very ugly) svn-repository to git to allow easier contributions. Hen I started updating to current library versions, cleaning up the code and writing test-scripts.

  • For Shinken Monitoring I submitted some rewrite-tools in the early days and later enhanced the code-quality and tests a lot. Some of the pep8if-filters I wrote for Coherence have been used here to clean up logging. (List my contributions for Shinken)

  • For OpenVAS I contributed the Python client interfaces to OAP (OpenVAS Administration Protocol) and OMP (OpenVAS Management Protocol). (List my contributions for OpenVAS)

  • SCons build system: I added some new option-types: BoolOption, ValueOption, PackageOption, which have been integrated into SCons 0.94.

  • CapiSuite an ISDN fax suite: I refaktored the Python application part. After the project founder Gernot Hillier stopped maintaining, I volunteered to do the “keep-alive” maintenance.

  • reposurgeon helps converting svn, mercurial and git-resositories into each other. I used it for migrating PyInstaller and Coherence to git. The later was a very nasty repository which made me write quite some bug-reports.

You can find a more complete list of my contributions at <>.

Other Contributions

Additions to SCons/Autoscons

Some modules in addition to SCons and Autoscons (see autoconf-like Checks for C-Headers download:autoscons-cheaders-20030717.tar.gz (includes example). Some new option- types: BoolOption, ValueOption, PackageOption have been integrated into SCons as of version 0.94.

Please help funding further projects!

If you find one of this programs/tools usefull, I ask you to donate some money. This will enable me spending more time on developing free software.

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